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417 Biltmore Ave

Building 5, Suite i

Asheville, NC 28801

Second Floor - sorry no elevator 

Located in Doctors Park across from Biscuit Heads

Asheville Acupuncture & Healing Arts

Asheville Acupuncture and Healing Arts (AAHA) is the perfect blend of Community Style Acupuncture and Private Treatments. It's similar to a community style acupuncture treatment because the cost is low, and because multiple people are treated each hour. It is like a private treatment because everyone has their personal healing space in their own room with a salt lamp. The treatment is done on a massage table. The mission of Asheville Acupuncture and Healing Arts (AAHA) is to provide affordable acupuncture to all without having to sacrifice privacy. Veterans and first responders always get a 10% discount w/proper I.D.


Conveniently located across from Biscuit Heads in Doctor's Park.

417 Biltmore Ave, Building 5 Suite i (Second Floor), Asheville N.C. 28801 

Sorry No Elevator. 

(828) 231 - 6915

Acupuncture in private rooms with community clinic pricing.


Community style acupuncture typically involves a large treatment room, equipped with lounge chairs and many people being treated an hour. It uses points mostly on the head and extremities. In my clinic there is the privacy of an individual room, and a massage table enabling me to use points of the back of the body. The pricing is in line with a community clinic as I too treat many people an hour.

Natural Healing - with acupuncture or with the five therapy mat.


The body wants to heal itself. Oriental Medicine views pain as a condition where the energy of the body (Qi) has become stagnated or stuck or an area where the qi flow has become blocked or diminished. To put it simply, where there is stagnation, there is pain. Acupuncture can restore the smooth flow of Qi. The use of the Five Therapy mat can also aid in relieving pain.

My Committment to You


My goal is to help you optimize your health potential. By redirecting the flow of Qi and working to ensure the smooth flow of Qi we aid the body in achieving balance and help to elevate pain  .   

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